Stacking & Banquet Chairs

Turn Key specialises in Banquet chairs & Stacking chairs. We can produce practically any design with great efficiency, ensuring operational excellence. and pricing that is typically lower than any other company!

Banquet Chairs – Features

We provide robotically welded banquet chairs, events chairs and stacking chairs, stackable up to 10 high, using high-grade materials whilst keeping the chairs strong, durable and as light as possible.

Banquet Chairs- Seat Cushions

Our seat cushions are the highest quality poured moulded foam to ensure maximum comfort on all of our banquet chairs. With hundreds of commercially-rated fabric choices available, we can make your choice of stacking chair look right at home in your venue.

Our stackable chairs are suitable as hotel and convention centre banquet chairs, conference chairs, community hall chairs, club chairs and church chairs, amongst much more.

Banquet Chairs – Additional Designs

Turn Key has hundreds of banquet chair designs available. Here are just a few more, below. We can produce practically any design of banquet chair, stacking chair, church chair or club chair, so if you have seen a design that you like elsewhere and want to compare pricing whilst keeping or improving specification, please feel free to send us the details. For more details, send us a message using the “Send us a message now!” button, or call us any time.

What Makes a Good Banquet Chair?

A good banquet chair should be comfortable, durable, and easy to move and store. It should also be aesthetically pleasing and match the decor of the event. It should have a sturdy frame and be able to support a variety of body sizes and shapes. The chair should also be stackable for easy storage and transport. Finally, it should be easy to clean and maintain.

When you go looking for banquet seating the two things you are most likely looking for is comfort and style. You want to know that wherever these chairs are placed that they are comfortable and functional. Turn Key Furniture has been providing stylish comfort to hotels for over ten years, and in all that time we have noticed that the more options you offer, the higher the chance of customer satisfaction. We now have hundreds of designs to match any theme or style of your hotel or apartment, finding ideal event seats has never been easier. Let us provide the solution to your furniture dilemma.


Turn Key partners with some of the world’s best conference and banqueting equipment manufacturers to provide an extensive range of furniture and equipment that supports your Events and F&B departments in delivering excellent customer experiences and sustained return on investment.


Our management team have supplied conference and event furniture to hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, event & convention centers throughout the South Pacific, to practically every hotel brand in the region. From small renewal projects to complete conference floor fit-outs, we can help. Our experience covers all parts of hospitality, from resorts and conference centers, to clubs, function centers, community halls, church halls, restaurant and entertainment venues.


Turn Key can offer unparalleled expertise in hotel conference and banqueting FF&E and have significant sourcing and manufacturing abilities to deliver reliable, durable and competitive solutions for every project.


With the ability to ship regularly and directly to our warehouses throughout Australia and New Zealand, we can probably offer faster fulfillment and bigger savings than any other hotel or banqueting furniture supplier in Australasia.

Benefits of Banquet Seating

When used correctly, banquet style seats can turn an empty room into a comfy meeting, conference or events area for your guests and clients. The reason why stackable banquet chairs are so popular is that they are an excellent, affordable way to deal with limited space. They are easy to set up and place and when you are done all you do is to stack them up and store them or put them aside. A banquet chair can assist an events operation in many ways. Our chairs are not just stylish and modern, they are tough, comfortable and designed for operational excellence. Through using only high-grade materials, we have been able to deliver a product that is not only stylish but is also lightweight and resilient. Most of our chairs can support up to 450 kg static weight and with its lightweight design can be stacked up to ten chairs high helping you save valuable storage space.

How Turn Key Can Help You

When you have been providing furniture solution for over a decade, you build up an extensive knowledge on how to best solve problems. Not everyone needs stackable banquet chairs because not everyone has a banquet area, conference space or events facilities, but our skill and decades of knowledge in providing customised banquet seating solutions to venues and event operations large and small will ensure that you get the banquet chair solution that you need.
Being in the Hotel and apartment furnishing business has taught us that our client’s time is precious, and that is why with us there is no middle man.

With our banquet seating, you are given up to a ten-year warranty to ensure that when you invest your time and money with us, you get a product that lasts. No matter the number of chairs required to fill your space, we will assist in providing the right solution for your own set of requirements. Through constant communication, we will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase and that you have all you need to make the right decision.

Capable, experienced and efficient, these are the words that best define our company and our team, and we will hold ourselves to this example no matter the job. Contact us today to take the first step in acquiring your dream banquet seating set.

Banquet Chairs FAQs

Are stackable banquet chairs suitable for large events?

Stackable banquet chairs are ideal for large events as they offer comfortable seating solutions for users, whilst providing space-efficient storage once the event is finished. Stacking banquet chairs can be moved in their stacks on special carts, allowing staff to transport the chairs in the most time efficient manner.

Can I customise the fabric or finish of stackable banquet chairs?

Our banquet chairs solutions are all made to order, so they can be produced in thousands of fabric and frames combinations, allowing each venue to have banquet seating that perfectly suits their individual design, decor and branding requirements.

How many stackable banquet chairs can be stacked at once?

The number of stacking banquet chairs that can be stacked on each other will depend on the design of the banquet chair itself. The shape and style of the legs will dictate whether the banquet chair can be efficiently stacked, and the shape and construction of the seat and back will also dictate whether this banquet style seating stacks vertically or with a forward overhanging increment. The more the banquet chairs can be stacked vertically, the more there can be in the stack. Most well designed banquet chairs will allow 10 or more chairs to a stack. It is often possible to go beyond this, but this is often restricted by the height of the person safely stacking or unstacking the chairs.

Can stackable banquet chairs be used outdoors?

Stacking banquet chairs are typically designed for inside use as they are typically upholstered for use indoors, but if specifically designed, they may be used outdoors for temporary periods, or longer. However the user needs to be careful with the correct selection of materials used in the making of the stacking banquet chairs. Aluminium frames are more resistant to corrosion than mild steel, and waterproof fabrics may be required if there is a chance that the banquet seating may get wet. The correct choice of quick-dry foam is also important if the chairs are going to be exposed to water, in order to reduce the likelihood of mildew and the like.

Do banquet chairs require assembly?

All higher quality stackable banquet chairs should be fully assembled in the factory, and will not require any assembly after delivery. The best banquet chairs will always have frames that are fully robotically welded, which ensures the greatest structural integrity and consistency in quality. All fixing s for seat pads and back pads on banquet seating should also be hidden so that durability is assured – and this can only be done in specialised factories.

Can stackable banquet chairs be linked together for added stability?

Nearly all banquet seats can be linked together or “ganged” together. The best stacking banquet chair designs can have permanent ganging solutions added to the frames during manufacture and often include features like retractable ganging or link that is less noticeable when not in use, and less likely to catch on people’s clothing etc. Aftermarket clips can also be used with varying degrees of success.

Are there weight limitations for stackable banquet chairs?

The weight bearing ability of a banquet chair will depend on a variety of factors. A best quality stacking banquet chair should be capable of supporting a static weight in excess of 450kg and will be made of either premium mild steel or aluminium tube, with a tube wall thickness that is suitable for the balance of strength and durability plus manual handling and cost. Mild steel frames should be no less than 1.2mm wall thickness, and aluminium frames should be no less than 2.2mm wall thickness. In addition these frames should be robotically welded to ensure that the frames are held together without any risk of weld joint failure. High quality plywood or moulded polypropylene seat bases and backs allow for strength and durability.

What are the main factors to consider when choosing stackable banquet chairs?

Banquet Seating requirements vary from venue to venue, but banquet chairs have to perform a number of different performance outcomes for each different stakeholder. Firstly, the patron or user of the chair must find the chair comfortable, and in the case of conferencing or gala banquets, the patrons must remain comfortable for extended periods, often hours. Secondly, the sales and marketing stakeholders want the stacking banquet chairs to be attractive and suit the venue’s decor and meet the aspirations that the venue is looking to achieve. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly the operational requirements of the banquet chair mean that the banquet seating design must be easy to stack through low weight and easy handling, hard to damage, easy to clean and maintain, provide good storage space efficiency and provide a sustained return on investment whilst being used sometimes multiple times in different ways every day for many years. Sometimes it is difficult to meet all stakeholder objectives when delivering a banquet seating solution. Remember, banquet chairs are “populous” items, they are never used on their own, and are typically used in large quantities in a room, where all you tend to see are the tops of the chairs. Don’t be put off by stack bars and exposed frames down below – that is what will give you the sustained return on investment and the best storage solutions.

Can stackable banquet chairs be used in venues with limited storage space?

Banquet Chairs are ideal for venues with limited storage space, especially stackable banquet chair designs that allow stacking of 10 chairs vertically – you will be able to achieve 40 chairs in less than around 1 square metre of storage space.

Do stackable banquet chairs come with warranties?

A good banquet chair should come with a 10 year frame warranty.

Are stackable banquet chairs suitable for formal events?

Choosing the right fabric and frame finish combinations will allow you to use your banquet chairs in formal settings without the need for chair covers. Keeping the fabric in a smart dark grey or tuxedo black fabric, or perhaps a lighter beige/grey to match a fresher look, will provide a formal look to your banquet seating and event space. Chair covers are also possible, but bear in mind they need professional laundering, which is bad for the environment and increase setup and breakdown times, and can produce a more traditional or old-fashioned look to banqueting.

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