Banquet Tables

Turn Key also offer the widest range of Folding Trestle Tables and Banquet Tables in Australia and New Zealand. We manufacture practically any design with great efficiency and pricing that is typically lower than any other company!

We provide robotically welded folding leg tables, round banquet tables, oval banquet tables and trestle tables, using high-grade materials including Commercial HPL, ABS Plastic and Melamine. We can even custom make sizes and shapes to your requirements. We have the widest choice of table edge protection systems, including ABS, Top Edge Injection Moulded, T-Mould and Tuff Edge.

Buffet Tables and Nesting Tables are also made to order to meet your own size, combination and presentation needs.

At Turn Key Furniture Solutions, we proudly present a diverse range of top-tier banquet furniture tailored to meet your needs and create a lasting impression on your visitors. Our collection features a variety of clothless trestle tables, conference trestle tables, round and oval banquet and cabaret tables, along with stackable banquet chairs.

Explore our comprehensive range of banquet tables, and you’ll find the ideal blend of quality, style and functionality to elevate your event or space.

Banquet Tables

Our banquet tables are the foundation of any stylish event. Customisable in a variety of round and oval sizes and shape, they provide a sleek and elegant canvas for various décor themes, including clothless conferencing, making them ideal for conferences, conventions, weddings, galas, and high-end corporate gatherings.

Clothless Trestle Tables

Our clothless trestle tables redefine elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they offer a contemporary and sleek design that elevates the aesthetic of any setting, whether it’s a corporate conference or a grand banquet. These tables are not just visually stunning but also highly functional, offering customisable sizes that guarantee a perfect fit for your event space. Available with numerous options in edge protection, tabletop finishes, and leg shapes.

Conference Trestle Tables

Our conference trestle tables provide a spacious and functional solution for your corporate gatherings and meetings. These robust tables can be effortlessly configured to meet the unique requirements of your events spaces. With optional sizes and features such as folding modesty panels, injection moulded edging and hundreds of tabletop finishes, they create a professional setting for all your classroom set-up and conference events.

Banquet Chairs

Comfortable seating is crucial for any successful event. Our banquet chairs combine style and practicality. Designed for commercial use, and custom-made to order, these chairs are elegant and built using the highest quality materials using state-of-the-art technology to withstand frequent use and storage.

Stackable Banquet Chairs

Our stackable banquet chairs offer a storage space-saving seating solution without compromising on comfort. They are designed to optimise storage and space when not in use, whilst delivering the best comfort to patrons.

Banquet Tables FAQs

How do I choose the right type of banquet table for my event space?

Choosing the right banquet table for your event will depend on a number of factors. The first factor is size and shape – typically most banquet tables will be round, but there are also Oval shapes available. Ovals are usually only useful when the event space is very large and there is a chance of squeezing in one more row of tables compared to rounds.
Typically round tables accommodate greater numbers of patrons for their equivalent footprint size. The most common size banquet round tables have diameters of 1680mm (5 1/2ft) or 1830mm (6ft), which can sit 8-10 and 10-12 patrons respectively. The actual capacity will depend on the type of banquet or conference being delivered, as well as the width of the banquet chairs that are being used in the space. All of our banquet tables feature folding legs and have a folded depth of under 110mm, providing excellent storage opportunities when not in use.
If the tables are being used for conferencing as well as dining, you can save significant operating costs in using the right type of table as a clothless table which will look more contemporary whilst also saving money. Care needs to be taken in specifying the right table top material and edge protection.

What sizes are available for your banquet tables?

We make all of our banquet tables to order. There are dozens of size combinations, some of which will be dictated by the number of people you are looking to seat around the table/s, and the type of leg design and table edge protection required. The most common size banquet round tables have diameters of 1680mm (5 1/2ft) or 1830mm (6ft), which can sit 8-10 and 10-12 patrons respectively. The actual capacity will depend on the type of event, as well as the dimensions of the banquet seating in use.
We also make matching trestle tables which come in a very large variety of sizes to suit everyone’s requirements depending on their usage requirements from classroom and conference formats to boardroom setups. The most popular dimension of foldable trestle table is the 760x1830mm (30” x 72”) which is an excellent all-rounder.

Can the tables be customised in terms of size or colour?

As our tables are made to order, they can be finished with hundreds of different high pressure laminate patterns to allow the tables to look entirely at home in your individual setting.

What is the weight capacity of your tables?

Our banquet tables can hold a distributed static weight in excess of 500kg

Are the tables suitable for outdoor events?

Our tables can be made to zinc treated steel prior to powderocating to reduce the progress of corrosion, and the tables can be used temporarily outside for events but cannot be left outside in direct sunshine or rain.

How do I maintain and clean the banquet tables?

As with all high pressure laminate tops, the easiest way to clean them is simply with a damp cloth in a mild detergent solution. No harsh chemicals are typically required to clean HPL.

What edge protection and table top protection is available for banquet tables?

The consideration for the best type of edge protection and table top surface on your banquet tables will be based on budget, usage and life expectancy of the tables.
We recommend High pressure laminate (HPL) tops as they feature high heat resistance, stain resistance and scratch resistance. A cheaper alternative that may look the same at the beginning of their life is Melamine or Low pressure laminate – however this does not offer the same resistance as the HPL alternative, despite looking the same.
The type of edge protection may be dependant on whether you expect to use the tables in a clothless application as well as clothed, and whether ther eis a chance that you will roll the tables on their own, as opposed to always using with carts. We recommend the TopEdge injection moulded table edge solution as it provides the greatest level of protection and cannot peel away from the table top and it also provides for a seamless join between the edge and the table top laminate thus preventing dirt and moisture from ingressing.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

As our tables are made to order, small orders are often tricky. Typically we are only able to make 10 or more tables without significant impact on cost.

What folding leg options are available?

The two most popular designs or folding leg banquet tables are the traditional H-leg folding table, and the newer Premier folding leg. The H leg features 4 vertical legs sections and therefore are likely to impact up to 4 patrons using the table, and their proximity to the table edge may also play a greater interfering role if the tables are less than 1530mm in diameter.
The newer Premier Leg design has become a favourite of premium event spaces as the table leg inference is minimised for all patrons, whilst maintaining stability. They also look more attractive, especially when being used in their clothless format.

Do your tables come with a warranty?

Most of our event tables and banquet chairs come with 10 year structural warranty.

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