Custom Events Furniture and Equipment

Turn Key can produce custom-made events and foodservice equipment to your own designs, using our state-of-the-art machining and manufacturing technologies.

Custom mobile drinks service cabinets and trollies, buffet systems and much more are possible. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

At Turn Key Furniture Solutions, we proudly present a comprehensive range of premium banquet furniture and equipment tailored to meet your event-hosting needs and create a lasting impression on your visitors. Our ability to custom-make designs, or modify existing designs provides unlimited opportunities.  Our collection features a variety of clothless trestle tables, conference trestle tables, round and oval banquet and cabaret tables, along with stackable banquet chairs.

Our comprehensive range of banquet tables and banquet chairs are complimented by the ability to produce buffet and coffee service solutions to your own requirements. You’ll find the ideal blend of quality, style and functionality to elevate your event or space.

The custom-made solutions can still be wheeled away as required to optimise storage and space when not in use, whilst delivering the best experience to patrons.

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