Loose Sofas

Turn Key can make any loose hotel sofa solutions to a specific design, or we can simply provide or customise an existing design to suit your individual hotel project requirements. Below are designs that we and our factories have already produced for hotel and other venue projects.

As a project manufacturer we can produce practically any design. Please note that we do not sell individual units as everything is made to order for wholesale projects.

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Hotel Sofas For Your Lobby & Lounge

Hotel sofas and armchairs play a vital role in defining the character of hotel lobby furniture and creating comfortable spaces within lounges and foyers.

Discover Turn Key’s collection of hotel sofas that combine style, functionality and versatility. Whether you’re looking for a perfect sofa for hotel lobby or a cosy sofa for hotel room, our collection offers seating options ideal for every area of your venue.

Hotel Sofabeds

Our state-of-the-art hotel sofa beds offer comfort and contemporary designs, whilst providing simple single-movment opening and closing to convert into comfortable sleeping solutions worthy of a luxury hotel, without even removing the cushions. Contact us for more details on our hotel sofabed solutions.

Modular Sofas

Modular sofas have become a popular choice of seating furniture for hotel lobbies and lounges due to their versatility.

As modular sofas can be arranged in various configurations, they are an ideal choice for spaces that call for unconventional seating arrangements. These versatile pieces can be easily organised into cosy conversation areas, open spaces for larger groups or even private nooks for business partners.

Turn Key’s collection of hotel sofas ranges from contemporary modular sofas to classic hotel lobby sofas and more.

Hotel Armchairs

Hotel armchairs add a touch of individual comfort to every hotel lobby, lounge and reception foyer. Turn Key’s hotel armchair collection includes loose armchairs and single chairs for every style, from classic to contemporary. All furniture items are made to order, so we can modify existin designs, or make to your designs that you have seen elsewhere.

By combining Turn Key’s hotel sofas and armchairs, you can create inviting seating arrangements that cater to a diverse range of guest preferences and needs. Whether creating individual nooks for quiet relaxation with hotel armchairs or arranging modular sofas into large seating areas for socialising, the possibilities are limitless.