Apex Banquet Chairs

A banquet chair at the Apex of stacking chair design. Slick lines, minimal framing and contoured moulded cushioning are all standard on this cutting-edge design. Fully robotucally welded and reinforced steel frame to base and back ensures longevity and return on investment.

At the top of its game Uncompromising design.

  • Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Reinforced internal back frame
  • Robotically welded
  • Moulded cushioning to seat and back
  • Bullnose/small waterfall seat front
  • Choice of handle insert
  • Choice of dimensions
  • Subtle Flex-action back
  • Wide range of fabrics
  • Wide range of frame Finishes
  • 10 Year frame warranty
  • Stacks 10


Width: 455mm
Depth: 610mm
Height: 916mm
Weight: Under 6.5kg

Note: As a project manufacturer, we can only supply commercial project-sized quantities. MOQ’s will vary according to the overall scope of the project. We are unable to supply household quantities.

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